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Natural Alternatives Ice Melt

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normal_natural-alternative-ice-meltNatural Alternative® Ice Melt is the safest option to apply around your home because it does not contain high concentrations of rock salt—making it great to use around areas next to grass or other plant life. It is not corrosive to metal, and resists the freeze/thaw cycle that damages concrete. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt also leaves no residue on your carpets and floors from any pieces that may get tracked inside your home. To top things off, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is the most effective product in the marketplace today. It continues working long after other ice melting products quit (in temperatures as low as –12oF) and has an extended shelf life to last you through future winters. NaturaLawn of America offers an exclusive retail line of safer products including ice melt and garden items.

Visit them online at: www.NaturaLawn.com or www.IceMelter.com
They can be reached at 1-800-989-5444.

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