Flagstone Falls by Sunterra

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flagstone_fallsPeople have always been drawn towards the water, seeking out the cool refreshment of lakes and beaches whenever the weather shows even a hint of sunshine, and the health benefits of fountains are well documented. But since it’s not always easy to get to the water, why not bring it right to you?

This Stonescape fountain from Sunterra is only one of the company’s many natural-looking options for your lawn or backyard, constructed to complement and blend in with your landscaping. The continual flow of water through the stones and the shadowy play of the beams in the pool at the bottom (the model comes with a pump and an accent light) make it a centerpiece for any outdoor environment. Just picture the sound of flowing water while you’re sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun, and it’ll be hard to resist the allure of this small oasis. Visit the company’s website to discover all of their fountain options and find a dealer near you.

Merkley Outdoor Lighting

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merkleyinlitehomerenoMerkley Supply now offers in-lite outdoor lighting products. These low-voltage lights bring gardens, patios and balconies to life after dark.

The in-lite system is simple, safe, and can be installed quickly. Merkley Supply carries all four varieties of in-lite lighting products:

  • Integrated Lighting – These light fittings can be integrated into wood, concrete and natural stone to sit flush with the ground.
  • Above-Ground Lighting – Solitary, above-ground light fixtures stand a few inches of feet above the ground and are housed in steel of stone pillars.
  • Wall-Mounted Lighting – These lights can be placed directly onto outer walls or fences.
  • Spot Lighting – Spot lighting lets you cast light on distinctive garden objects such as trees, shrubs or statues.

Light up your landscaping projects using in-lite’s plug-and-play lighting systems.
Learn more on our website.

Natural Alternatives Ice Melt

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normal_natural-alternative-ice-meltNatural Alternative® Ice Melt is the safest option to apply around your home because it does not contain high concentrations of rock salt—making it great to use around areas next to grass or other plant life. It is not corrosive to metal, and resists the freeze/thaw cycle that damages concrete. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt also leaves no residue on your carpets and floors from any pieces that may get tracked inside your home. To top things off, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is the most effective product in the marketplace today. It continues working long after other ice melting products quit (in temperatures as low as –12oF) and has an extended shelf life to last you through future winters. NaturaLawn of America offers an exclusive retail line of safer products including ice melt and garden items.

Visit them online at: www.NaturaLawn.com or www.IceMelter.com
They can be reached at 1-800-989-5444.

New Outdoor Toches

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Mississauga Home And Design Centre’s Hearth Manor, has a great new product that is perfect for people who want to spend more time outdoors this summer. These new Outdoor Torches provide ambiance of a dancing flame perfect for enjoying time on the patio. They are available in Propane or Natural Gas models with several different options ranging from $969.95 to $1439.95

Available at:
2575 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ontario
Just east of Winston Churchill Boulevard

Serving the Greater Toronto area,
Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington