Traverse™ Lavatory and Vanity

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normal_kohler-vanityThe Traverse lavatory and wall-mount vanity blend sleek, modern design and functional storage with construction methods that minimize environmental impact. The Traverse is designed to be used with its coordinating KOHLER ITB lavatory, an integrated top and bowl. Constructed from vitreous china, the Traverse lavatory offers a clean aesthetic with ample workspace on either side of the basin. The lavatory’s sloping wet work surfaces and large basin allow you to perform grooming tasks with ease. A modern interpretation of the flat top trunk of the early 1900s, the vanity’s flat, clean lines provide distinction from the basin and side workspaces. The vanity also is ideal for combination with a granite or concrete top, or other customized pieces. And it has exceptional storage capacity, with drawer inserts for efficient organization of your toiletries.

The Leisure Island Deck Tub

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normal_safe-bath-productImagine your own island… a place so quiet and refreshing where the gentle lapping of water and changing colors soothe your mind and refresh your body and soul..

Safety Bath Inc., Canadian manufacturer of walk in bathtubs and accessible bathtub products has recently released its newest product- the Leisure Island Deck Tub – a Whirlpool Chromatherapy Bathtub. The Leisure Island Deck Tub offers a unique warming area for towels or a warm place to sit before entering the bathtub. While the Leisure Island is not an accessible bathtub, it can be made into an accessible low profile bathtub with a door by inserting Safety Bath’s Door Insert Kit into the tub wall at a later date. This feature makes the Leisure Island a perfect fit for fine retirement homes and luxurious senior facilities where changes in lifestyle may necessitate a walk in bathtub at some point in time. The Leisure Island Platinum Edition features a 16 jet lateral whirlpool massage system. A deluxe 4 light chromatherapy system with external lights can be set for a designated color or a sequence of seven colors, each bringing a sense of composure and equilibrium. The addition of gold plated fixtures enhances the feeling of absolute luxury.

The ultimate in relaxation and style, the Leisure Island Deck Tub, is a fine addition to any new home or bathroom renovation. For more information: visit

Natural Alternatives Ice Melt

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normal_natural-alternative-ice-meltNatural Alternative® Ice Melt is the safest option to apply around your home because it does not contain high concentrations of rock salt—making it great to use around areas next to grass or other plant life. It is not corrosive to metal, and resists the freeze/thaw cycle that damages concrete. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt also leaves no residue on your carpets and floors from any pieces that may get tracked inside your home. To top things off, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is the most effective product in the marketplace today. It continues working long after other ice melting products quit (in temperatures as low as –12oF) and has an extended shelf life to last you through future winters. NaturaLawn of America offers an exclusive retail line of safer products including ice melt and garden items.

Visit them online at: or
They can be reached at 1-800-989-5444.

New Outdoor Toches

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Mississauga Home And Design Centre’s Hearth Manor, has a great new product that is perfect for people who want to spend more time outdoors this summer. These new Outdoor Torches provide ambiance of a dancing flame perfect for enjoying time on the patio. They are available in Propane or Natural Gas models with several different options ranging from $969.95 to $1439.95

Available at:
2575 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ontario
Just east of Winston Churchill Boulevard

Serving the Greater Toronto area,
Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington